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100mg, 300mg & 400mg*

Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate


Did you know?

  • More than half of prescriptions are for rheumatoid arthritis.*

  • A significant number of prescriptions are written for 100mg, 300mg and 400mg doses.*

  • Per drug labeling, “Do not crush or divide hydroxychloroquine sulfate film-coated tablets.”* None of the hydroxychloroquine tablets supplied to the market are scored, which can result in incorrect dosing and wastage.

*Sources: IQVIA NDTI and Accord’s approved PIL

About Accord Healthcare

Accord is the commercial arm of Intas Pharmaceuticals, a pioneering biopharmaceutical company operating in India since 1976. Selling in over 80 countries, the Accord and Intas networks provide full integration in the functional areas vital to delivering quality excellence and service efficiencies: API and finished dosage form manufacturing, R & D, clinical program management, and the economies of scale inherent in worldwide distribution. 

Accord is routinely cited in IQVIA presentations to industry as one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. Quarter-over-quarter, we consistently accomplish double-digit growth across all the metrics: in dollar sales, scripts filled, and number of units sold. 


Accord’s product offerings and pipeline demonstrate our commitment to meeting the needs of healthcare professionals and patients alike. We currently have approval for more than 130 ANDAs and are selling over 330 dosing presentations. We have 42 ANDAs pending at the FDA, and over 100 products in active development. Our pipeline spans a full range of dosage forms: orals, topicals, transdermal patches, liquid, lyophilized and complex injectables.

To learn more about Accord Healthcare, please visit our website at

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